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Post -doc sul Parkinson a Cambridge

A Parkinson's UK-funded position is available in the laboratory of Dr Heike Laman at the University of Cambridge in the Department of Pathology.
We are seeking a highly motivated and talented post-doctoral research scientist to investigate the Parkinson's disease-associated E3 ubiquitin ligase Fbxo7/PARK15 and its role in neurodegeneration. The goal of this project is to investigate Fbxo7-regulated pathways and how their mis-regulation causes neuronal loss in the midbrain. To tackle these questions, a wide range of techniques will be used, including biochemical and cellular assays, stem cell technologies and in vivo modelling. Productive experience in at least one of the following areas would be highly advantageous: mitochondrial biology, mouse models of neurodegeneration, and ubiquitin biology.

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Post-doc presso Astra Zeneca, UK

We're currently looking for talented scientists to join our innovative academic-style Postdoc. From our centre in Cambridge, you'll be in a global pharmaceutical environment, contributing to live projects right from the start.
You'll take part in a comprehensive training programme, including a focus on drug discovery and development, given access to our existing Postdoctoral research, and encour aged to pursue your own independent research in cutting edge laboratories. It's a newly expanding programme spanning a range of therapeutic areas across a wide range of disciplines.

What's more, you'll have the support of a leading academic advisor, who'll provide you with the guidance and knowledge you need to develop your career. This is an exciting area that hasn't been explored to its full potential, making this an opportunity to make a real difference to the future of medical science.

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The Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC) Frankfurt is a new site of the SGC embedded in the internationally renowned Buchmann Institute for Molecular Life Sciences, Goethe University Frankfurt. SGC is a not-for-profit, public-private partnership encompassing 8 pharmaceutical companies that conducts re-competitive research to facilitate the discovery of new medicines. Based at several additional international universities (Oxford, Toronto, Chapel Hill, Campinas) the SGC's work contributes to new hypotheses in understanding and treating human disease, and the subsequent identification of new targets for drug discovery. The BMLS is integrated into several collaborative networks and contains state-of-the-art technology platforms including EM, NMR and microscopy.

Postdoctoral position
Mechanisms of Inflammation

A postdoctoral position is available in Fabio Martinon's laboratory at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Lausanne (UNIL), Switzerland. (

The Department of Biochemistry is part of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine and offers an outstanding environment for a successful postdoctoral career. The research campus is located in Epalinges (north of Lausanne), and is part of the Center of Immunity and Infection (CIIL) that also includes the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (LICR) and several groups of the Lausanne University Hospital CHUV. The research focus is on Cell biology, Immunology and Cancer.

A 2 years Post Doctoral position is available in the Laboratory of Microbiology and Host-Pathogen interaction, at the Department of Biosciences- University of Milan- for a highly motivated individual.
The general focus of the project is the interaction between intestinal microbiota and the immune response in inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD).
The project involves translational approaches and a team with expertise in metagenomics, microbial genetics and functional immunology. The candidate will study the evaluation of the molecular mechanism by which specific components of the gut microbiota induce differentiation and activation of pathogenic Th1/17 cells.
Candidates with demonstrated skills and knowledge in cell biology, molecular biology and microbiology techniques are encouraged to apply.
Applicants should have demonstrated scientific productivity, good inter-personal and communication skills, and scientific independence.

A full-time postdoctoral research fellow position is immediately available in my group.
The project entails the functional characterization of a novel leukemia driver and the evaluation of possible therapeutics.

The research will require knowledge of cellular and animal models of leukemia.
Expertise with proteomics, and a wide range of molecular and cellular biology techniques will be highly valued. I'm looking for a strongly motivated, career-oriented individual holding a PhD degree in Biology, Biochemistry or other related disciplines.

Metacaspase-like proteases in photosynthetic unicellular organisms

A post-doctoral fellowship is available in the group of Prof. Christiane Funk, Dept. of Chemistry and Umeå Plant Science Centre (, Umeå University (, Sweden. The aim of the project is to characterize the structure and function of metacaspase-like proteases in cyanobacteria and unicellular algae.
Cyanobacteria and algae have a potential commercial value as microbial producers of fuel or products with higher value; however, in nature their blooms also are threatening health and industrial benefits. To learn more about the viability of large algal/bacterial cultures we plan to study the family of metacaspases and their homologues in unicellular photosynthetic organisms. Studies will be performed in green algae, cryptophytes and cyanobacteria. The projects are connected to strong research environments at Umeå University and will be managed through regular meetings between the scholar and the involved scientists.

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