Bando per 12 borse di dottorato del network europeo TRIM-NET (scadenza settembre 2019)

  • 02 Sep 2019

TRIM-NET a training network in drug discovery targeting TRIM ubiquitin ligases is recruiting 12 PhD students

The Tripartite motif (TRIM) family of Ubiquitin E3 ligases plays an important role in many physiological processes and in many diseases including cancer, neurodegenerative and neuro-muscular disorders and rare genetic diseases. As such, they are excellent targets for therapeutic manipulation.
TRIM-NET is a training programme for Early-Stage Researchers to identify novel therapeutic targets and to develop the strategies to validate them in preclinical studies. The TRIM-NET network will integrate complementary expertise and multidisciplinary approaches to exploit common targeting strategies for translational applications.
The consortium will train a cohort of young researchers in skills and expertise essential for biomedical research focusing on: i) determining how TRIM proteins contribute to disease; ii)developing strategies to modulate TRIM protein activity; iii) designing high throughput screeningassays for drug discovery.
The project consists of 12 individual research projects. As the scientific workpackages are highly integrated, recruited students will avail of techniques and training opportunities,including secondments, across the work packages. Through a unique international partnershipbetween academic and non-academic partners the TRIM-NET training programme will provideyoung researchers with skills required for biomedical research in industry and academia.

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